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Introduction to Making Slime

Introduction to Making Slime

Introduction to Making Slime

Making Slime EbookHow many times have you scolded your kid for going home wet and dirty with stains all over their clothes, face, and body after an hour or so of messy play outside? Perhaps, countless times. You’ve even probably banned the poor child from playing outdoors because of the constant intimidating amount of dirt and mess you have to deal with.

If you’re into the neat freak kind of parenting, you probably can’t tolerate messy play. It’s your consistent chore to teach your kids the importance of tidying up and keeping things in order. You despise dirt and mess. You hate to see even a single stain on your child’s shirt. When this happens, you scream, “Eww! Germs!” Just after the not-so-good surprise, you command your child to wash off the dirt immediately and thoroughly.

Of course, parents, especially moms have a solid reason for their strict rules on cleanliness. One of the major benefits of good hygiene is good health. We cannot deny this fact. Still why is it so difficult, impossible even, to stop kids from playing all things yucky and dirty?

Discover the benefits of letting your kids experience messy play with our ebook: Introduction to Making Slime

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