VEEKO Self Balancing Scooter Black Hoverboard with LED Indicator Lights, 350W Dual Motor, UL 2272/2271 Certificate, Alloy Durable Wheels

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Product Description
Product Features

Main Features

Low Battery Warning: when the battery is too low,the engine will turn off after 15 seconds.

Over-speeding Protection:If the speed of the scooter is beyond 6miles/hour,the light indicator will go off to stop the scooter.

Shaking Protection:If the hoverboard is shaking back and forth over 30 seconds,it will stop to prevent potential safety issues.

Overheat Protection:When the battery temperature is too high,and if the remperature continues to rise up,the scooter will shut down.

Slope Protection:If you get on the hover board and the surface is off balance more than 10 degrees,the hoverboard will halt.

Usage Note

1、If you are not at a balance state,the alarm will go off and indicator light will turn on.This means the system cannot selfbanlance and
you should get off and star orver intool the device starts to self-balance.
2、Please wear the proper safety gear for beginner.Kids under 12 years old need to be under adult supervision or instruction.
3、If the hoverboard mats unbalanced,please press and hold power button for 3 seconds.Both display lights flash and beep for 5 seconds.


– Capacity Load: 44-225lbs
– Maximum speed: 6miles/hr
– Mileage: 6-9miles (Depends on your weight, temperature, road conditions and reasonable battery charing)
– Max. climbing limit: 15º
– Play time:4-6H
– Item Weight: 22 lb
– Battery voltage: 36V
– Battery: Li-ion 36V 4 Ah
– Motor rated power: 2 x 350W
– Work time:2H(At Least)
– Charge time: 2.5H
– Tire diameter: 6.5 inches
– Operating temperature: 23ºF to 113ºF
– Charging temperature: 32ºF to 104ºF
– Item dimensions: 23.0”x 7.3”x 7.0”
Package includes:
1x self-balancing scooter
1x USB charging cord
1x user’s manual

  • SAFETY GUARANTEED —UL 2272/2271 certified self-balancing scooter, satisfies all UL safety requirements, it features in overheat protection, low battery protection, low weight protection, speeding protection, slope protection for extra security.
  • CONVENIENCE—You can travel freely around your destinations without paying to take the bus or metro, or drive a car for short distance, and you can grab it with you onto the bus or metro to go to your next stop thanks to its compact size. and relatively light weight(22lb)
  • DURABLITY—Professional gyroscope ,acceleration sensor and servo-control system guarantee the balance, capable to climb slopes up to 15 degrees;aluminum alloy rims provide extra durability for the shock-absorbing, non-skid tires, ABS construction for durability, 10 minutes auto shut function for longer use life of each charge.
  • LONG CONTINUOUS USING TIME—Battery can keep working for at least 2.5 hours.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY—1 year warranty from the manufacturer with U.S. customer services available; use of proper safety gears recommended.

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